Citizen Journalism, a Conservative Movement Failure

I can’t ignore this problem any more and too many are saying this is a real problem. Social media has become a problem in the Tea Party, a Big problem that is turning away many, time constraints, understanding how to use this new media, human nature with some talk more then they should, side arguments with a thread a mile long, intentional sabotage and much more are contributing factors. This is similar to everyone, millions standing in the same room and trying to talk about something important to them at the same time. At the same time the millions on the outside are looking in are trying to find what they feel is important but can’t get past all the noise. If you have a better description please contribute.

Personally, I found my Email locks up when my in box hits something around five gigabytes, my inbox unknowingly was larger then my first hard drive. As a Tea Party founding member / organizer / admin / officer / publisher / or what ever I try to keep updated. I have daily updates from some twenty or so blogs, daily updates from some twenty or so ning.com, and updates from some twenty or so news updates. Then I have some twenty or so FB groups to some twenty or so meetup.com mail lists to contend with. Then I have about the same number from the left to keep track of our opposition, mostly on a discrete account. I also have the usual spam and Tweets in there somewhere. Needless to say, I have a bit of a problem. This is the most constant and continuous complaint I hear at almost every Tea Party meeting, too many Emails, and how do I get off the list, this is too much.  

The most disconcerting noise on the local level are grand conspiracy theories, yes those annoying birthers, truthers and the general OMG the sky is falling. On the local level it should be about local matters, local events, local activism but has become a local dumping ground for anything other. However compelling these conspiracy theories may be they lead to heated and in the last meeting, a loud shut the f… up!  I must agree, drop the grand conspiracy theories, as they do not belong here. This also applies to those annoying paulbots saying, don’t vote for any of them, they are not conservative, we should crawl under a rock and hide as do most paulbots do when there is a counter protest. A grand larceny of space is taken up by post a link spam as if we don’t see the national news.  I see those whom have an activity and those that are looking for an activity in the Tea Party but can’t find each other in all this senseless noise. 

The first words to put in the trash are those that fall under preaching to the choir and preaching to the converted, this would include news already covered to stale conspiracy theories. Evaluate first, if something is reverberating try not to add to this reverberation, like an echo it becomes annoying and hard to understand. Avoid the collective OMG the sky is falling however if a piece of sky did fall in your back yard then go head and write about it. Few people can stand a news story that reverberates for days, by then most everyone is converted and the few who are not are typically not worth the effort when you frustrate the majority. The advent of social media started a huge growth citizen journalism, you open up Facebook and there is a million OMG the sky is falling but you have a say in your own words, look what I found, the sky is not falling, and this is only hailstones. The problem now is finding the common sense truth with millions screaming, OMG the sky is falling and how so solve this problem.