Our Commonwealths history of morality and Aurora Colorado

From, “The Book of the General Lauues and Libertyes, Concerning orasmuch as the free fruition of such Liberties, Immunities, priviledges as humanitie, civilitie & Christianity call for as due to everie man in his place, & proportion, without impeachment & infringement hath ever been, & ever will be the tranquility & stability of Churches & Comon-wealthes; & the deniall or deprivall thereof the disturbance, if not ruine of both.” This is our foundation from colonial times and continued to be our foundation. Due to every man in his place and proportion, a form of government of individual conscience, public government, and self governance fundamentally dependent upon morality of the people. This individual conscience was carried over to the Massachusetts State Constitution as; Article III. “As the happiness of a people, and the good order and preservation of civil government, essentially depend upon piety, religion and morality….” John Adams, second president of the United States who drafted this State Constitution, “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.”

Christianity therein must not be understood as present times but when these guiding principles were written. Christianity from its Jewish roots, the many Councils and Creeds divided amongst lesser divine, moral laxity, financial corruption and many reformations should be all inclusive in intent no matter what you call your self. From Anglicanism to Catholic to Methodists to Presbyterianism and so on, Christianity should not be divided but seen as a binding morality of this nation, a Christian Nation. Christianity is all to often in modern times seen as a narrow distortion, attacked and ridiculed, and few recognize the original intent to stand for individual conscience, morality.  

This is a Nation that Declared Independence from the Socialist State of governance and established the framework of self governance, our founding values. We had many problems with this exceptional form of governance, one such instance can be found in the Congressional Records on the Springfield Armory during the Civil War. We had an influx of immigrants, skilled tradesman required to work at the Springfield Armory but were unfamiliar with their new found freedom and abused it. Therein the newly erected administrative building at the Springfield Armory had a dedicated floor for the instruction of individual conscience, morality, religion or as it was called back then, Christianity. Our Comon-wealthes established the Socialist State of governance was and remains a failure, laws don’t make people moral, people do as a community. 

We had an exceptional form of government of individual conscience, public government, and self governance fundamentally dependent upon the morality of the people, and not the national government forcing morality on the people. It is the job and duty of all public leaders to instill self governance, a Christian Nation. The nanny state, police state tirade is and always has been a failure. If our public form of government is lost so is our nation, lost to a corruptible Socialist State and the eventual atrocities. The job and duty of all public leaders, from the President on down to instill self governance failed in Aurora Colorado, not to say they are to blame but that something went horribly wrong, someone slipped threw the cracks. 

I did say had an exceptional form of government, now gone and replaced with a Socialist State of governance and the inevitable atrocities. Fueled by the populism Massachusetts lawmakers enacted laws to replace self governance and inevitable atrocities commenced.   

“In 1998, Massachusetts lawmakers passed what they said was one of the toughest gun control laws in the country. Yet, in the decade since the laws were passed, firearm-related crime has increased dramatically. Gun-related deaths alone have increased by 68%, and gun-related assault injuries have increased by 72%. Emergency room visits due to gun-related assaults have increased by a whopping 222%. The answer isn’t more gun control laws.” http://massgunlawreform.com/