The Roberts Rule, consequences

For most, the majority I see are too caught up in their personal lives to care much or to know. They do not know Justice John Roberts, the function of the Supreme Court and care much beyond, that is over there thus it does not concern me over here. You may see them occasionally caught on camera or know them personally, they do not know whom the vice-president of theUnited Statesis now and cannot name the branches of government.  Unfortunately, this is the majority, you cannot reach them because they are not listening and will not notice anything until something effects their personal lives in their small world. Obamacare will be affecting this group and most likely negatively but it is the culmination that will invoke some sort of response. This process will likely happen slowly, a slow spiral out of control until some tipping point or boiling point is reach, until it breaks the wall of separation this group has erected and everything floods in quickly. This approximates what some of the new members of our Tea Party have told me, there really is a monster out there and the Roberts Rule just confirmed that being saved is a long away. This is a mixed group with everyone reacting differently, some joining the Tea Party or others taking action on their own and having a different patience or tolerance that is most certainly being tested. What is the point when someone snaps, goes postal or if they will and what are the consequences. This amounts to a big unknown for the majority, the only fact that is certain is this direction, push leads to shove and if anyone is pushed too far there will be consequences.  


A book could be written much larger then the Obamacare Bill on how we arrived at this point, here Governor Deval Patrick changed the law by executive order and selected a partisan interim senator to fill a vacant U.S. Senate seat. Many others in other States had their vote stolen from them as well. We did not get to vote until later with the Brown41 Battle, the bluest of blue States basically voted against Obamacare. Thus making a fact, this Obamacare is an illegitimate representation of the will of the people. It seems funny how the Republican Establishment has not made this a national issue, it could be because they did not fight back when it counted thus they would be hypocrites now or because Romney abused the same executive order. Only a small minority wanted this direction of Statist Healthcare, Obamacare and there is irrefutable evidence that the majority did not want to be represented this way, they wanted a fight against this direction. There is however, an interesting factor in this and it was reported many times from the front line troops in this battle. There were democrat driven, moveon.org to union organized and vastly funded phone-banks and media in this battle and they were not on our side. In essence a large megaphone in the ears of those who were supposed to be representing our will and not this small minority. There is also speculation that this large megaphone also persuaded Justice John Roberts but this must not be taken as an excuse for making a bad decision. All this can only be summed up as disobedience, disobedience to the will of the people, disobedience to our Law and Constitution and there are consequences. If a child is disobedient, they are sometimes spanked but not beaten or otherwise disciplined and if a soldier is disobedient to the point of treason they are executed, the death penalty, but this is speculation. Speculation on the consequences of disobedience and misrepresentation is just that, all speculation and can be dismissed as only speculation. However, the seriousness of these consequences cannot be dismissed and these consequences are certain.                 


As declared in my State Constitution, Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people; and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men. The general welfare of all the people equally wherein individual opportunity is protected and not provided.  When our protection, safety, prosperity and happiness are threatened, we have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government, to reform, alter, or totally change. No man, nor corporation, or association of men, have any other title to obtain advantages, or particular and exclusive privileges, distinct from those of the community. No Sir, you may not have Statist Healthcare free at the expense of my protection, safety, prosperity and happiness because you are in a different class then I am. Personally, my list of grievances is too long to list all of them, thanks to Obamacare I added some two thousand pages and for a short version you can refer to the Declaration of Independence. Some people have a much shorter list like don’t mess with my beer budget, children, house or dog and you will have crossed the line if you do so. Our Government was supposed to protect us from the few that seek advantages, profit and private interest. Now it feeds them at our expense making all of us, and future generations a tax slave to the debt they have created. Obamacare is injures to the common good, it pushes our tax burden over the top flowing in to every aspect of society, creating a quagmire wherein we are trapped in a downward death spiral. Our protection, safety, prosperity and happiness are dependent on individual opportunity, the land of opportunity. The consequence of Statist Healthcare changes opportunity to a Government handout, our individual opportunity is lost, and it is no longer our individual choice, freedom is lost. These consequences leave us no choice but one, to reform, alter, or totally change our Government.