Halloween Nor’easter, the masks come off in the Nanny State

As I write this, I can look out my window at the buss stop where schoolchildren once stood, now obliterated by a branch with more barely hanging on and certain death for the frail. In conversation with someone down the street, he said that he would call to have the school bus stop moved to a safer place. I know of at least ten years this tree has been in dispute with dangers branches dropping every year yet the town refuses to do anything. Because the tree is on the town’s “greenbelt” only the town is allowed to manage these trees with fines awaiting those who dare the towns authority. I can only figure this was a microcosm of the root cause of the power outages in this state and the failure of centralized planning. Of interest is how the residents deal with the problem by shifting the dilemma and not addressing the root cause. As expected, our elected politicians make a big show of outrage demanding investigations to blame others when it was their own fault for the mess.

This problem seems to be more extensive then what I thought possible and was on full display on the public roadways. Countless times I had come across a branch blocking one lane with everyone simply driving around it. I seemed to be the only one stopping and pulling the branches out of the way. I was figuring this was simple common courtesy not tying up traffic for a mile or so and remove this problem, I was wrong. The majority expected to be provided for, as they did not want to be personally inconvenienced and in so doing inconvenienced hundreds of others. Ironically all those inconvenienced by the traffic jam patiently tolerated the inconvenience only to display their own lack of common courtesy. The most interesting and dangers display of what happens when the general public loses central control was at the traffic lights when they lost power. If you ever came across a wild animal caught in your headlights on a dark back road you know the look. Eyes wide, mouth open in a frighten gaze, this was the same look of many when they lost some light connected to a mindless timer to control them. Others mindlessly darted in to peril resulting in the squeal of brakes and the blast of horns, and many accidents. Frozen with fear some simply sat there resulting in frustration leading to anger.   
This was typical unexpected New England weather in Massachusetts, the natives of this land expect the unexpected in the weather. We are mocked and called crazy when we hear news of an approaching storm, we gather food like squirrels and hide it away as if the world was coming to an end. This time, as some farmers say, “the manure engaged the rotary oscillator” and many for the first time in their lives were forced to stand on their own with no nanny to provide for them. This was truly shameful, many suffered, some lost their lives and many more will continue not accepting individual responsibility. As I walk along with chainsaw in hand doing my good deeds I can only hope that others follow my path, as unlikely this may be I can only hope. I must also ask what more can we do to prevent this, from the Nation becoming a Nanny State and stop the consequences of a Nanny State way of thinking before it is too late.