My personal argument with the Occupy Mob

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, my self along with some from our local Tea Party confronted the Occupy Mob in the small college town of Amherst Massachusetts. Actually, we had many arguments but one I took personally, Tax the Rich and economics. I am a Millwright by profession I explained and I basically run the business from the bottom up. With this announcement, their interest peaked as they explained, that is how companies should be run, from the bottom up with collective bargaining. I explained I do not work that way, if the Boss wants something done he pulls back the curtain and asks the person turning the wrenches that keeps the place running, that is if they are smart. As of lately my budget is reduced to duct tape and bailing wire, and I have to reply, she won’t take any more. With this, the Occupy Mob explained the rich has all the wealth and we want them to share it. Hold on I said, now I am getting offended. Why should I be taxed more for my skills to keep a business running, what incentive do I have to grow and expand my skills? When I look around and see our federal government with some fifteen trillion in debt, over a hundred trillion in unfunded liabilities, inflation, trillions more in local debt and the trade deficit and all that has to come from the pot of gold that I play in. I also must look ahead and estimate what my budget is going to look like and live within my means. In essence, I look at the pot of gold, the wealth in general that the business sector has to play with and it is not looking good. The Occupy Mob agreed that is a problem that is why we must tax the rich to create more wealth. I said you are wrong, that is not how wealth is created, it is much more complicated, in short, wealth is something you grow or dig from the ground, a supply, then it is processed and then exchanged for a demand, supply and demand. Al least one in the Occupy Mob agreed, she comes from a farming community, she explained, and that is how it works. I went on to say this problem did not happen over night, over the past several decades we have gone from Goods Producing to Service Providing, this is big Government to Wall Street that is nothing more then Service Providing that has grown too burdensome. We simply do not produce that much real wealth any more, Service Providing has outgrown the Goods Producing ability to pay. With some excitement someone replied, that is because of deregulation, I replied what Bill was it that caused this deregulation, and he looked around for help and got none. We continued to argue back and forth for a long time, what was supposed to be the most highly educated the Occupy Mob has to offer against the average Tea Party.


In general, we agreed there is a problem but differed largely on ideology. The Occupy Mob is running on typical Bourgeois abuses the Proletarians propaganda, Marxist ideology. The Occupy Mob is jumping on the Populist Egalitarianism Bandwagon to ruin because they are inexperienced and one sided. The past protests of the sixties and seventies of which I was part of did not have the same Marxist elements as they do now. In the protests of the past there were many singing a different song, we did not want to become the Mensheviks or make the mistakes the Cadets made, or “meet the new boss the same as the old boss” and the majority were Classic Liberal or Libertarian. This is simply too dangers of a Mob to play with or compromise with, and too slippery of a slope to step on. Many did not want Stalin, Hitler, Mao and others but when they stepped on that slippery slope that is what they got, when they came for them, there was no one left to speak out for them. This is not to say our slide toward socialism will be that extreme, we are on the edge now and if we fall, it is only a guess on how far we will slide. “For the times they are a-changin’” and not for the better as the Occupy Mob criticizes what they do not understand. I was told that this is the new socialism and I replied we had socialist experiments in the past that were new, some went horribly wrong like the Great Leap Forward from Mao where over forty million died. I was told that was irrelevant and they never heard of such a thing. I am starting to believe most in the Occupy Mob are nothing more then useful idiots, as it was in the past, history repeats if the unaware ignore history.