What is the Tea Party? Inside secrets

What is the Tea Party, at first we were told that we would never amount to anything, then we were called every vulgar name known and now we are told that we are holding the nation hostage, a bunch of terrorists. Ironically, the same side that said we would never amount to anything are the ones saying we are holding a whole nation, a global superpower hostage. Out side their extremist ideologue base the credibility of these extremist opinions has dropped to zero, they have made their voice irrelevant, but good advertising for the Tea Party. The decisively extremist left wing media, which is the majority of networks, spins the lies being told in to unified talking points for their extremist ideologue base. Therein the problem for the left, no individual thinking leaving them blind and ignorant, but more importantly open to attack. In contrast, the Tea Party is a distributed network, no chain of command and no centralized planning. Each individual is given a set of instructions, the Constitution and founding values. The extremists on the left are given something foreign, the Communist Manifesto and Rules for Radicals, and told what to do. Because of the nature of their extremist ideology on the left, they cannot exist without their structure because as individuals they will be quickly taken over.

Who are the Tea Party, they go by many names and few use Republican. In the battle of Brown 41 on a downtown street in Springfield Massachusetts the sides squared off, on one side the Tea Party and on the other side our radical opposition. The core of the Tea Party having been in battle many times was by now hardened veterans. I did a quick count on our side, democrat, liberal, Veteran, libertarian, independent, conservative and only two or three Republicans from the Brown camp. On the extremist side was paid union members, a handful of liberal elitist, a small handful from the Soros groups and one fool from DC in a Bush mask holding a sign, “Bush supports Brown.”  The Tea Party so intimidated the opposition, Brown’s opponent, she sneaked in the back door while Brown walked our line giving us thanks. I think this fairly well describes the boots on the ground here, who is willing to come out of their comfort zone and who is willing to join the front line. However, behind the Tea Party lines, there was a lot of conflict in the battle of Brown 41 but in the end, we agreed to hold our noses in consideration of the alternative.

The Tea Party is not one group but a culmination of many older groups and some new, but all are on this side of the fence with a growing frustration. There is a line being drawn and a new direction that is being stipulated. Tea, Taxed Enough Already, Enough Already because the policy on the left is too extreme for the majority. For too long we had the choice of hard left or slow left and this was the definition of compromise and bipartisanship. Now it has become too much, Enough Already! Most Republicans have become more like democrats and the democrats are so far out in left field they are unrecognizable. When a state like Massachusetts is saying this, Republicans had best take notice yet too many seem blind and ignorant to the facts and do so at their own peril. Enough with the spineless wimps unwilling to make the right turn, Enough with compromise and Enough with bipartisanship, it has gone too far and they need to stop being the extremists. It is said that insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, the same it true with compromise and bipartisanship. If the direction is not changed then there will be more frustration leading to more action in the primaries and more.         

Some of the most important groups in the Tea Party are researchers, this has many sub groups and independents ranging from Constitutional argument to actual spies gathering intelligence reports. The Tea Party knows the difference from a populist and popular unlike some, and we know voting records and unlike some, we read the Bill. The social networking in providing information in the Tea Party is extensive but the direction is more interesting. Some groups are providing printed newspapers and letters, and this is growing. I see some groups working on emergency communication alternatives to holding their own town hall style meetings for the public. The Tea Party in essence is growing its own news and communication network from the grassroots on up. In all these are probably not so secret but don’t ask for details because they are secret.