Debt, Default and is it really that bad?

Our government has done a grave injustice to us all and future generations, they have placed a perverted debt on our pot of gold, our wealth, placing us in servitude to the government and this by definition is slavery. Furthermore, our government has burdened us with restrictions, this bureaucratic central planning, excessive development of bureaus to regulate us, to concentrate government power, and this by definition is tyranny. With almost fifteen trillion in debt with over a hundred trillion in unfunded liabilities, this is beyond an absurdity of biblical proportions. This is a path toward destruction of our nation. The wealth that the government provides is a false wealth perverted and bastardized because it is no longer tied to any real wealth except for the ability to forcibly, at gunpoint if necessary to take from the private sector, our pot of gold and to print notes calling it wealth, this liability is servitude. Are we really that dependent on the federal government for loans and such transaction or is there a better way?  Those that have bought in to the populist rhetoric ignoring what direction this was going to take them are also slaves to the government being reliant on government wealth, a false wealth. 

Our wealth, I mean real wealth, the wealth of this nation is in the individual people, in what they dig or grow from the land they own and add value to it by transporting or processing, not Wall Street. My self, I place my trust and faith in the true wealth of this nation, the people and individual capitalism, and this being separate from the federal government. As intended by our Constitution we should be separate, self-sufficient in our States, our Town and City, and in our communities and homes for our protection. We should have our own police, fire, schools, healthcare and all the essentials funded locally and nothing essential funded by the federal government. But some would argue this so called safety net that the federal government provides is essential. This is wrong, it is charity that provides the most efficient safety net and the biggest game changer in this is the Tea Party network. I see thousands of calls from individual charity to all out disaster responses growing in the Tea Party network along with aligning with more organizations that are charitable.       
This may be a bit selfish but the federal government, those progressive, liberal, or what ever they call them selves democrats and liberal republicans that have dug this hole need to be buried in it. The cost of their policies are simply too high a price to pay, let them default and crash. It will not matter that much for those on the right side, there may be some pain but the true wealth of this nation will have a better chance of surviving. There should be NO more compromise, bipartisanship or deals in this, it must be an about face only. So what if the federal government crashes, will it really affect Main Street that much? Am I missing something here, how bad could a major reset be and do the positives outweigh the negatives?