The American Dream

Welcome to Holyoke Massachusetts, a city built on individual opportunities, the liberty to work and be rewarded for it. Four and a half miles of canals and a dam were dug by pick and shovel. By the 1900s, Holyoke was one of the first planned industrial cities in the world, it ran on waterpower and she was named the Queen of Industrial Cities. Holyoke Massachusetts was a city built on the true “American Dream” and destroyed by a false “American Dream”. Less then half of old Holyoke remains, it is burnt and rotting corpse, and a shame for all to see. This has been a corrupt and dreadful disease in parts of America for too long. Be it welfare to bailouts the cost of this path we are on destroys America and the “American Dream”.


Taxachusetts the Marxist welfare state has a long history of welfare abuse but don’t talk about it or you will be called a racist. One of the local jokes in Holyoke is “What is the most confusing day in Holyoke, it was Fathers Day.” Sad but true, the abuse of anchor babies had become so prevalent it was a joke. Yes, Holyoke MA was at the top of the list for best welfare. This list was also distributed in Puerto Rico but to the slums and crime ridden areas mostly according to those that immigrated here. Some of my Puerto Rican friends showed me the list and detailed instruction on how to get the most welfare and where to apply. It was said to me several times that the local government had printed all this. Sadly, they were sold the notion that the “American Dream” was entitlement to welfare and how to abuse it. I think every cabbage patch doll sold in Holyoke was collecting welfare at the time and the media at the time was downplaying the abuse. Yes, cabbage patch dolls came with a birth certificate that looked real. Wade Rathke and others began their career here with groups like the National Welfare Rights Organization and the Students for a Democratic Society.  


From my perspective working in the mills of Holyoke MA I could see the children running up and down the back porches, changing their clothes before they entered the next apartment. It was obvious the welfare department was doing a check. I worked as a millwright so I knew more about the internal workings of the business, more then most. First, back when competition from overseas first started there were many layoffs and the government gracefully expanded welfare and why Holyoke was so highly rated as best welfare. The mills that were trying so desperately to compete got the bill, more welfare, more regulations and the labor unions obtained more leverage. Then came those that were fooled to believing the “American Dream” was entitlement to welfare and about the time I was working the mills. The mill that I was working in and many others closed and moved because they could not afford to pay the taxes, the welfare and the entitlement. So I moved on to the next and the next. Now I walk amongst the charred remains, now I walk amongst the rot and decay, please give me a mill to take care of. I had thought it could not get much worse and it has. I have to wonder, at what point does it become “we the government” and no longer “We the People”. From my perspective, I am seeing a lovely Queen die a silent death, queen of an industrial nation, queen of an industrial world.


What happened to the moral code of conduct we once had. Of the founding fathers of the United States set forth a Christian Nation, but this requires a bit of interpretation. Our founding fathers wanted this nation to be a nation of freedom and liberty unlike any other in the world. A nation founded on the value of a moral code of conduct and that value gave us the ability to be the nation of freedom and liberty unlike any other in the world. In this, the nation was “self policing”, the importance to keep this the nation of freedom and liberty was taught throughout the land. With out the value of the moral code of conduct we would lose our freedom and liberty. It seems absurd to me to burn and destroy the rungs on the ladder of success ahead of you for your own personal gain. Our forefathers came here some sacrificing everything they had on this self-evident principal. The American Dream is individual opportunities, the liberty to work and be rewarded for it, upward mobility and equal opportunity on every rung on the ladder of success.