Oh, you need to go with a sign that says "NO to socialized medicine".




Oh, you need to go with a sign that says “NO to socialized medicine”.



Most informed Americans are not in agreement with this bill. Is there any thought in the future preservation of our rights to choose as Americans. Therefore, America, speak out against this Health Reform bill.

The right to choose is the key…


When one rushes through a bill, as the stimulus was and make it work, it is written in stages. Then it should be fine tuned and researched again before it is slapped together in a mode of panic to derive upon a solution or for a quicker recess.

This hidden agenda of a solution has not been thought out regarding the future National Debt we have incurred and will drive unemployment higher which now will include Drs, Nurses, Medical staff, Insurance reps, Pharmacy techs and Blue Collar Workers who work for them. The promises they are making in regard to keeping your own insurance, while not disclosing that Americans are still paying into a large percent of taxes. If self- insured,this Bill will lead all Americans to a Government HMO Program with “financial Caps” on what is paid out (like medicaid?).  That is being paid by America and Her TAXPAYERS!

If the system runs out of funds, then we have a collapse in the Economy and Healthcare system as well, that is called a Depression?


Like you didn’t know that from the beginning… Or then, you DID…