OK, so now we have a bunch of upper class, fly by private jet, deprived executives wanting our taxpaying dollars to bail “THEM” out for a few months before they claim bankruptcy anyway. If you read this senate, congress,anyone who CARES, listen carefully…

GM,FORD and Chevy should merger to ONE solid company, restructuring their management giving their STOCK to the WORKERS, who care about THEIR jobs.The grand puba’s need the “BOOT”!

Hire one overseer with financial experience to oversee the audit. Let these company “Executives” pay back the company for all their “Personal” expenses on account!Let them sell the jets that will help toward their lack of funds, their extra homes bought with the automakers funds. Their made up bonuses they give themselves, give them back to the workers.If congress gives them money, who will “we the people” assure gets paid with it?They need FULL restructure from an outside party, they need to FIRE all, that got off those planes, with an attitude that they deserved to be on them, when in fact they drove those companies into the nosedive spiral crash.

The tax payers, if given a refund of this bailout money, one per family, over age 21, who have paid taxes yearly, not just filed zero, would get a check, would take the money, pay their bills. Thus paying taxes first, stimulating the Government back, then pay mortgages, stimulating banks, maybe pay off credit cards, once again the financial sector. Then maybe buy a car, stimulating the auto industry. Left over, maybe the stock market, securing a DEBT FREE AMERICA..

Boy that takes a lot of thought, don’t you think?

I presented this case better than the Auto Industry, in one post.Am I getting any clearer?

What favors will these companies be giving to America for OUR money..Not even a plan, conditions or an appology!

Give the money to the people who have paid it and we will assure you, dear congress, that we will spend it and you will be so proud you have taken this step to FIX our economy without any conditions or guilt, on how YOU have spent “OTHER PEOPLES HARD EARNED MONEY”.

If you are in a confused state about the bailout money, why don’t you call a special vote by the AMERICAN people who rightfully paid these taxes.Then you don’t have to waste more money for meeting, and go home for the holidays, enjoy them, while not thinking of the many AMERICAN families that will be looking for a place to live, while you go home to your own home, knowing you can pay your bills.

Please stop this insanity! Don’t bail out companies that can’t show any future, they will not care about their employee’s anymore as they have in the past. Bailout the people of America who CAN STIMULATE the economy giving AMERICA a FUTURE!!!That should RESTORE our economy in less that 2 months.I assure you the money won’t go to private jets or $16,000.00 massage vacations.Enough said…