A 4 Year Old to the BLUE?

On the way home from school, while driving with my 2 kids, my oldest son asks me, “So Mom, how are we doing? Are we winning?” I told my older son, “looks like our swing state is almost Red”…My son continues, “is McCain gonna win?”, Yeah..O.K. so he has formed his own opinion, thus hearing mine daily.My 4 year old belts out, “I Love Barack Obama”, well I almost ran over the curb, drove across a parking lot, and almost hit a tree in a rage of full braking and said, “What did you say?”As he repeated it, I though I would POP!!!My older son then looks at me and says to his brother, “OH NO, we don’t say that to MOMMY, thats not a GOOD Choice”!I asked, who told you this? He said the lady on the TV.Well now, my little son, no TV until the votes are cast!!!