The Reality of The Vote

We soon have results, assuming the recounts may go quickly. We already hear the stipulations from Iraq, willing to give conditions to our “new government”, messages real or faux from Osama Bin “wewillfindyou”, condemning ANY NEW American government. Chavez in line to “talks”, Cuba to follow. Boy, no matter who wins, they “will” have a lot to deal with in the coming months. If you think about this, who would joyfully look upon this as a wanted position, even knowing that the people of a super power county, rely on the safety imposed on them from the Government elected officials. The skepticism of the voters, makes one quiver as they enter the booth to punch the chad, press a button, or fill in a circle. The REAL issues start becoming clearer knowing we must put our FAITH without remorse, when we walk away and grab an “I voted” sticker we so proudly display on a lapel, collar or tee shirt.The opinions of both have been laid out, the decision rests with the employers, “We the People”, establishing justice. Hoping all the “Employed” of the jobs WE have just created have been interviewed thoroughly to rest each night in confidence. Tomorrow we will walk away either somber or overjoyed. But either way we must unite as a country, so We The People can overcome these future obstacles as “One Country Under God”. Less we forget, that is the basis we formed this Country around. Be Proud, Stand Tall and Defend YOUR Country!

AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!!It’s your privilege and right to do so!!

So much stress, we need to become grounded again!Maybe I should just turn off the T.V. and Read a Book!