Will You have a Friend in Penn

Penn State… here’s what CAN happen,

You vote to Spread the weatlh, the tourists just don’t come..

They can’t afford the gas, nor hotels (that will probably close) or the shoefly pies.

The Amish living starts to get clearer, not that natural resources are bad in any way. Horses are cheaper, much more work.Candlelight will cost less than the electricity increases and taxes will rise on land, so maybe a commune would start to look attractive.

It may cost jobs as the price of chocolate increases, but they probably won’t fold, its a stress buster!

From a State that is in the same boat, we value our beaches, tourism and we may be one of the states with the most forclosures, but we think we have a great decision happening here!

We See The Sun!!

Hopeful you will make a stand for your State. Please Vote- Make a “State”mentthat will turn yours RED so you can continue to have Friends afford a visit in Penn!!!

God bless you on your decision…