Where Do We Go From Here?

Regarding the tax banking bailout..

H.R. 3997 was rejected the first time by the house vote of 205 to 228.

It did not address the fundamental causes of financial turmoil and forced tax payers to clean up the mess. The bill authorized purchases from FOREIGN banks.

Bailout H.R. 1424 still contained extraneous provisions and spending UNRELATED to the financial markets.

Look up what they were… i.e. (Arrowheads?)

America will still be facing a further weaker federal balance sheet, raising economic debt; the only money that can be saved, by freezing certain economic portals within reach.

Spreading the wealth is not a Good decision at this juncture, more government spending in a solely unbalanced government, will we lose our voice?

The only wealth we will have left is a penny in our own pocket?