The IRS refund checks this year have proven this stimulus was in the exact words of Obama’s spread the wealth.

Investigate the IRS returns of the millions of people that have not filed income tax (for previous years!), not required to have filed in 2007 or 2008.

They have filed to receive this $600.00 plus, stimulus check from the Bush administration and received it!!

They will probably file again next return season, if Obama continues the SAME STIMULIUS as the Bush administration…

The FACT then is that Obama’s policies on “SPREAD The WEALTH” are then the same as George Bush- So he is in this manner good old President Bush but wobbling way LEFT!!

My family thus working on commission in sales was phazed out even making less than the year before, having paid and filed taxes, with 2 kids, could not receive a check due to the filers who came out of the woodwork to file a null tax return to BUSH’S SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND!!!

OBAMA=BUSH– File tax form get money!

Pay taxes? They don’t file-they hide!!