Smooth Operator?

With all the new events surrounding the recent uncovered stories of the Obama campaign, I have come to the notion, no one seems to care what surrounds this candidate.His past, nor present news, seem to be relevant to anyone. They seem to lean upon this news with deaf ears.While out on Halloween with my kids, I asked questions to the Democratic voters with signs on their lawns asking them their views. Some answered, “I have a sign on my lawn to stir up the neighborhood”. I asked, “why then are you voting for the Democratic ticket”?

Their response was, “Obama is a smooth talker, pleasant to listen, convincing”.O.K. now I had to SAY something! I told them, “How they can expect a smooth talking speech, as he tells them, he will raise the taxes”.They look with surprise, wide mouthed as I say, to these voters, “if they wish to just Stir up the neighborhood, will they still be able to afford to live in this neighborhood after Nov 4th”? They stand speechless!

Something to ponder, don’t you think!

Smooth talk, good looks do nothing, experience is the key.

That is what McCain will bring us at this sensitive time. The announcement of a release of a so-called video from Osama Bin Laden, according to the news, on election day, will be somewhat disturbing. If the lesser experienced candidate does win, where will we be? We would have to hope he is a REALLY SMOOTH talker then!

I can only wonder the response regarding the release, timing, and message the media plan reporting this,as voters visit the polls. I should think there should be an Audit, in Many States.

Florida, has given the “homeless” voting rights, using bench addresses to vote. Never in history has this happened!