I'm Not Joe...

I am a Mom trying to build a business, raise children while owning a business that depends on the economy to thrive. My aspirations of growing my business diminish knowing that my taxes will be increased even under the taxable amount let me explain, if tax increases come in percentage increments and Obama increases the 200,000 limit to 40%, that does mean as you slide down the ladder, the lesser income increases too?That has been hidden, so everyone thinks that they will get a refund check. Funny, there won’t be any refund checks unless it is robbed from unemployment, social security or other programs. There will be MORE unemployment when the large companies move OVERSEAS. Then they DON’T have to pay taxes here and guess what? We take up the deficit. Think about this clearly. So, no I am not Joe.. I am an artist, struggling Mom, who doesn’t want to end up with the notion that my small business can never grow due to a bad economy and if it did grow, I would have to spread my wealth around. I work hard, I am NOT lazy or asking for a handout. Why does everyone think that Obama will give them one! That is not what the American dream is about. That is not why everyone else from other countries want to live HERE!So tell me, why would you trust someone who can not, will not show RESPECT to OUR country by even pledging to it? How can we allow trust in Obama’s pledge to take control of it?Voting for McCain knowing he is a man of word and honor , he has fought for AMERICA in the past, and will continue to do so.. I do believe!So, Please. For Maria the ARTIST, the MOMMY and for OUR COUNRTY and your family too!Vote For McCain/Palin for our country, and our future!

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