CASTING CALL: Hollywood Stars need only apply:

You seem to want “CHANGE”. Well you will get it. Since you back and strongly support “CHANGE” here are a few facts to ponder.

You too, will be taxed into next week and your income is “MUCH GREATER” than $250,000. Maybe you should have requested to see the plan showing you how much you will be shelling out! It should put you “ALL” in a 95% tax bracket. Was that in your script?

Since we the “Middle Class” will not be ABLE to afford to go to the movies, buy DVD’s, in this struggling economy, we wish to welcome YOU, the elite, to the “Middle Class” club…

You have pushed your opinions to the limit.Have you thought how it will effect your “FANS”? You depend on “US” to choose between feeding our families, putting gas in our cars to get to the unemployment office, OR paying $50.00 to see your movies? Buying your DVD’s?

Opps.. Forgot about the Fan’s?

Well, since you site “freedom of speech” and use your influence to sway your fans opinions, you may see, “The poor house is just around the corner”, and you will Not be “exempt” from it.

So welcome to the wonderful world of finding your roots, revisiting your past,and getting well-grounded back to your past.

As our businesses become bankrupt, close down, (including the movie theatres), what could happen to all of you, opinionated Hollywood Folk?

Guess you better take up another trade, oh no, there will be no jobs even for you..

Are you really ready for “Change” in the way of Senator Obama’s Plan?

Lets use our acting skills and “pretend” to THINK about that!

Oh, and if you do have alot of cash left, hopefully you will be kind enough to “Spread your wealth around, possibly, this time, here in America!”

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