More Bribes, Don't Fall for It

Most folks saw right through the Congressional Democrats’ bribery efforts with Senators Nelson and Landrieu in the Health Care shenanegans.  Although politicians in general often entice support from one group or another with various forms of “incentives”, ranging from pork-barrel projects to social programs, Democrats are the champions at targeting racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups with  crumbs from the table of power.

The latest example is the President’s new-found concern for the middle class.  The news reports cited a list of possible efforts (I’ll call them bribes) targeted towards the middle class meant to give the appearance of economic relief.  At the top of the list was doubling the child tax credit for those making less than $85,000 a year.  These schemes are just nibbling around the edges, and offer no real long term solutions to our economy.  On PBS a few minutes ago, even Robert Reich didn’t seem to be very impressed.  The only solution that has a track record is cut taxes and federal spending.  Only two Democrats in my memory have achieved any success at this – JFK and Clinton.  Clinton, BTW, would not have gotten the distinction if not forced into limiting taxes & spending by a Republican-led Congress.

As a preface to presenting this bribe, President Obama himself uttered the words “the middle class is under attack”.  Well, yeah!  Under attack from the administration’s own economic and social policies.  But here’s the thing, it’s not just the middle class – it’s the whole spectrum of society that is suffering to some extent from Democratic economic policies.  Sure, some are better able to absorb the pain, but lets not forget we are all in this (the rising tides and boats analogy).  I’m not going to fall for any form of class warfare pandering, nor will I be placated by any short-term fix that distracts my attention from what will really solve the economic problems we have.  Don’t let Obama throw you a bone to distract you, and don’t let your attention be averted by something shiny.  But then, the average RS reader is too smart for that.