WaPo Causes Tourette's Syndrome

It was the first paragraph of Karen DeYoung’s article that did it for me this morning.  Carried on page 2 of the middle Eastern Edition of Stars and Stripes http://estripes.osd.mil/#fragment-2

President Barack Obama must decide in coming weeks whether a greater investment of troops and resources in Afghanistan is worth the political risk if Americans do not soon perceive better results on the ground.

Your guess is as good as mine whether DeYoung is more worried about Obama’s level of political risk than the president himself.  The audacity and poor taste to even bring up the subject while the troops are facing a different kind of risk in the war zone is illustrative of the regard our media has for the military and its mission.

I would like to see more commentary comparing the situation of President Lincoln in 1864 to Obama’s current one.  A distinct contrast in character, to say the least.  I’ll not go into the details here, you can look it up.  Or perhaps Achance will weigh in on the subject.  The similarities between the situations are shockingly similar, and the looming disparity in reaction to them is frightening.

I have no allusions about what limits our political class has to self-interest.  To talk about the political risk of NOT surrendering the battlefield to the enemy , with no regard for the risk to the nation and its defenders, is egregious.  As if this war is optional.  It is not.

Enough of that stuff.  For some more uplifting journalism, turn to page 4 at the link above and read Stars and Stripes reporter Sandra Jontz story on a Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Zabul Province.  I encourage you to checkthe S&S link daily for a comprehensive compilation of stories about the combat zone, some you will likely find nowhere else.  This way you get to see the stories the GIs see.