Keep Your Foreign Trade Goods, Just Send Us Your Terrorists

Just to be clear, Federal government contracts have always (well, at least since I became a “certified acquisition professional”) contained clauses relating to the Buy American Act.  The Act was passed in1933 (gee, I wonder what was going on in 1933 to cause that?).  The infamous Smoot-Hawley Tariff was passed in June 1930 and the 1934 Trade Agreements Act essentially lowered those tariffs – but I digress.  The necessary contract clauses relating to the Buy American Act are found in the Federal Acquisition Regulation, Part 25.  You can access it here: http://farsite.hill.af.mil/vffara.htm

There are three dollar threshholds which trigger particular clauses: contracts valued less than $7,443,000; contracts valued between $7,443,000 and $8,817,449; and contracts valued over $8,817,449.  Yes, you read those odd dollar figures correctly.  The contracting officer has the descretion to tailor the clauses with regard to particular goods and sources when it is in the best interest of the government due to costs and availability.  Countries with which we have free-trade agreements are exempt, particularly with the higher dollar threshhold.

I have not checked the language in the stimulus bill to see if the contracting officer’s descretion is removed, or if free-trade agreements still apply to contracts resulting from the bill.  I’ll leave that up to you, dear reader, as I am on my lunch break right now – and don’t have time to read more lawyer-generated verbage at the moment.

The Democrats’ protectionist desires do not extend to the importation of terrorism, however.  The President has recently signed Presidential Determination No. 2009-15, which allocates $20.3 Million to Palestinaian refugee migration and assistance.  No sh*t, check it out:



The State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration is quite clear on the web as to its purpose:



I call your attention to the phrase “resettlement in the United States”.