Supporting a Candidate for RNC Chair

I support Ken Blackwell for chairman of the RNC.  So what, you may ask.   Well, I also question what benefit Mr. Blackwell may derive from my endorsement; since I am neither one of the 168 committee members who will choose a chairman, nor do I have influence with any of them.  Will grass roots support for any of the candidates have any effect, or are we just entertaining ourselves? 


A lot of bandwidth has been devoted lately to Katon Dawson’s country club membership, Chip Saltsman’s choice of Christmas gifts, and Gary Emineth’s inelegant statement of fact.  Again, so what – other than these sort of things tend to make the Republican Party look bad.  Yes, these events do give us opportunity to discuss principles, and have that value attached to them.  Let’s not get our drawers in a wad over them, however.  All of these folks have something important to bring to the table, and I’m not going to trash those in the party that I don’t happen to support for chairman (please remind me I have said that, next time I get ticked off about Moderate Republicans).


There was a lot of disgust, outrage, and pure entertainment value this past election season when the issue came up of the DNC’s readiness to ignore the primary vote to install who they damned well pleased as party candidate in the general election.  Hey, it was in the rule book, thus indignation was misplaced by that stage.  Let’s remember there is a rule book for the RNC chair election, too.  Those of us outside of the process need to realize our limitations with regard to the selection.


As for Ken Blackwell, I will do what I can to promote his selection as chairman, for what ever my efforts are worth.  Not being from Ohio, all I know is what I read on the blogs and from his website.  I think the info he has posted with regard to building the party has a lot of merit.  His conservatism appeals to me.  I am looking forward to further details from him in the New Year.  W. James Antle, III had a post on AmSpec today:


At the risk of diluting my support for Mr. Blackwell, I must add that I have almost as much enthusiasm for either Michael Steele or Saul Anuzis.  Steele’s “Blueprint for Tomorrow” is extensive and his website is impressive.  His reported association with the Moderates of the RMSP troubles me, though.  Anuzis is a hard worker, and attuned to the technology necessary to reach out and grow the party (as is Steele).  I am sure it will be one of these three who will be chairman, and I wish them all well.  Whoever wins, we need to hit the ground running with the plan.  By “we”, I mean all of us.