The Millenial Generation and our Culture


Ah yes; how often do we hear that younger people are “libertarian”? That special group of 18-30 year old men and women who want to be “left alone” and  that the only way the GOP or the conservative movement can stay relevant is to give up our defense of the family, the unborn, and-in some cases-the elimination of the welfare state. While it is true that over two thirds of millennials support redefining marriage, legalizing marijuna. The question is how do voters respond to candidates who take positions on these issues?

The answer is not much. Let’s look at some examples shall we?

Virginia Governor:

Ken Cuccinelli won the youth vote despite his conservative positions and losing the election narrowly.


Secretary of State Candidate Pete Peterson actually leads in his race and he’s a staunch conservative on virtually every issue from social policy to economics.


Despite the left-wing tilt of the state, Governor LePage is in a statistical dead heat with his democratic opponent .

New Hampshire:

This state supports socially progressive issues like Marriage Redefinition yet elected Conservative Kelly Ayote(though she has been quite the disappointment lately)

Let’s also not forget the states of Texas, Ohio, or even Arizona where Conservatives are leading their democrat challengers in every or most state offices.

And contrary to popular belief, millennials are anything but libertarian.

Emily Ekins that Draper prominently cites — is that Millennials want government to offer, among other things, guaranteed health care (69 percent) and college education (54 percent), a higher federal minimum wage (71 percent), and higher taxes on the wealthy (66 percent).

Worse, Ekins found that 54 percent of Millennials support a “larger government providing more services,” far more than older Americans.

Suppose you’re wondering what my point is. I am a Millennial who is a cultural conservative, I believe Marriage and The Family are some of the most important issues regarding our nation and they need to be addressed, but what I’ve highlighted is an interesting trend; people outside of the respective political bases don’t seem to care about the culture wars so much as they want to make sure they sleep easy at night knowing there’s food on the table, their children are out of trouble, and they have a roof over their heads. Unfortunately part of the culture wars is the culture of dependency that the democrats(and to a lesser extend the republicans) have bred in this nation.


Another question, one that is commonly asked, is that should Conservatives dump evangelicals to win a growing secular electorate?

Well lets look at the facts:

Orthodox Jews have children at a much higher rate than their more secular counterparts and are nigh uniform in their support of conservatism and conservative positions such as life and marriage. New York City houses the largest Jewish Population and is growing because of the Orthodox population which will result in them being a majority too distant future in that city and around the country.

The very religious(Evangelicals, Mormons etc) have more children(see here and here) than the average American family. In fact one of the fastest growing religions in this country is Mormonism. These groups emphasize family, homeschooling, and are unyielding when it comes to conservative causes.

— Only 11 percent of evangelicals between the ages of 18 and 39 say they support same-sex marriage, while a “solid majority” of self-identified atheists, agnostics, liberal Catholics and liberal Protestations back it.

— About six percent of evangelicals support abortion rights, while more than 70 percent of their non-believing peers agree with such rights.

— Only five percent of evangelicals believe cohabitation by unmarried couples is acceptable, but about 70 percent of those who are religiously unaffiliated or consider themselves “spiritual but not religious” agree with cohabitation.

Granted it will take a generation or so for these groups have considerable political clout, especially now since the population is becoming more secular; the conservative movement needs new allies; however we cannot abandon what makes our philosophies the viable alternative and solution to our nations future.

We hear that with age comes wisdom but I’m not so sure about that. My father use to be a chest-beating liberal in the 80’s. He voted democrat in every election starting with Walter Mondale until Clinton got into office in 1992; this was a year after I was born and not too long after scoring a great job with his company. He went from being a loyal young left-wing Jew to a Conservative Jew who has voted Republican consistently. If I had to take a guess I’d say when he got married he realized how naive he was and left the democrat party.

I think that’s how we can make some real inroads with my generation. Remember the saying “you’ll understand when you have kids of your own”?  We have to make it cool, make it hip, but not divorce it from the shield of big government that it is.


Let us continue fighting for faith, family, and freedom. God bless America.

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