Conservatives Underestimate Themselves

Yes I know this is a tad dated but I’m sure everyone has at least heart of an app that lets people know where companies stand on certain issues right?

How many times have we heard CEO’s of companies we know and love taking positions that issues unfavorable to our political cause? How many times have leftists mocked conservatives for simply saying “I won’t patron there anymore” and we hear the usual scoffing that we should boycott Microsoft, Apple, HP, and so on(by the way leftists, stop using the internet! JavaScript was created by a man who supports Traditional Marriage). Now I suppose you are asking “well gee why on Earth are you bringing this up?” To which I shall reply “great question!” Now to answer that question; as a political force conservatives make up a large portion of the American Electorate with Evangelical Christians being about 24% of that and virtually the vast majority of the conservative base. Translate that into monetary value and the Right has huge financial sway in just about any market. In fact if the South were to be its own country, it would be the 4th largest economy in the world.

Many conservatives lament pop-culture being hostile to Christianity and Traditional American values in general; but you would be hard pressed to find any such movement to counteract it. Yes we’ve seen the rise and success of Bible-based movies like Son of God and Christian films like God’s Not Dead. Hollywood sees profit and even potential in America’s still large and quite vocal Christian population; the question is…do we? Yes the Conservative movement has given birth to new media such as the Media Research Center, BreitBart, TownHall, LifeSite, RedState, and others that give cultural, political, and secular conservatives a voice in our never ending fight to preserve this great nation.

But what of our culture? Where are the TV shows that promote a strong moral message using classic humor, clever storytelling, and are all around family friendly? There are some studios gaining traction such as EchoLight that seek out to do just that with movies.

My main point is this, Conservatives make up a huge percentage of the general population and so do Christians; you cannot tell me that there aren’t aspiring computer programmers, film directors, actors, producers, nor business owners who possess a strong moral backbone that they can’t build an engine that can negate and overwhelm Hollywood. I myself am a 22 year old Computer Information Systems major who is heavily immersed in politics. We do not nor should we have to bend to the whim what we see on TV nor on the Big Screen. If we ever hope to win the Culture War or the many political battles across this nation, we need to become the culture. I see that we have laid out the foundation, so come on conservatives lets get to building!

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