More Truth in Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary: "Hillary’s America" than Democrats can Handle!

Leftists, Democrat droids, and just plain embarrassed members of the Democratic Party have recently attacked Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary, “Hillary’s America: The Secret History    of the Democratic Party.” The concerted attacks should be enough to have people go check  out the film for themselves. However, the attacks either miss the primary point author and filmmaker D’Souza attempts to make in his creation. While the many critics attempt to “dis”    or dismiss the documentary in several ways, the main point is that the Democratic Party had been founded upon principles antithetical to the founding documents of the United States,        it only got worse over time, and it now thoroughly corrupt.

One of the most intelligent and thoughtful criticisms originated from the Christian Post, as    the writer, Michael Gryboski, takes issue with the apparent omissions in U.S. history in which  he delves into the history of the Republican Party. Gryboski takes issue with D’Souza’s version of American history as he explains, “sweeping as it is, omits various facts whose mention may have seriously complicated his central argument.” However, despite the complications, the subject of D’Souza’s documentary is the Democratic Party, and not a history of Republicans.

Gryboski takes great pains to reveal the complications as if the truth of what D’Souza reveals does not truly matter. It almost seems as if the Christian Post writer is trying to get readers to vote right now based on the respective histories presented. However, even if historical events are the measuring stick to measure the two political parties, the Democratic Party is hands down the winner in instigating pain and suffering upon the human race.

But this is not the measuring stick that Dinesh D’Souza uses in examining the Democratic Party. His measuring stick is whether there was intent to harm, as in criminal intent. D’Souza reveals pre-meditated and purposeful intent to manipulate and control, and harm is viewed by the Party as the cost of ruling over the people much like Al Capone’s mob handled business in Chicago.

The truth that becomes apparent in D’Souza’s film is that it was one political party with its core of political power centralized in the Deep South that pushed an agenda that violated the early basis of tolerant relations between the Europeans and American Indians, violated basic human rights of specific Indian nations in the Southeast portion of the United States, and perpetuated the evils of slavery to a much greater extent through legalized bondage of human beings. He also makes serious attempts to examine the criminal intent behind the activity of Democrats over time.

Unfortunately, if truth be known, Dinesh D’Souza’s efforts only expose the tip of the proverbial “iceberg” as the film cannot go nearly far enough in the attempt to portray the truth of America in the historical pursuit of freedom and justice. There may be several elements that have been omitted that peel away the various layers of myth, mystery, and outright manipulation of truth in looking at the history of the United States of America since the founding. In 100 minutes, it would take an effort of Herculean magnitude to reveal the truth of the political manipulations and definitive manifestations of tyrannical control over “We the People.” The real question is going to remain even if someone were to bring such startling revelations to the public: What difference does it make?

It is likely that a great many Americans are historically challenged, and a very good historian and scholar, David C. McCullough, has dramatically stated that “a nation that forgets its past can function no better than an individual with amnesia.” Yet, even if a people know of their history, it is more than likely that it would not matter much if the history was taught from a contorted and distorted manner to create false assumptions and negative impressions to the point that even people who know such history would be ashamed of such a tainted, poisoned past. Today, there are several Americans who are more concerned with what goes into their bodies than what goes into their minds, and that is a sad commentary regarding the culture.

If it matters, Dinesh D’Souza’s efforts are a beginning point for those who truly are not afraid to look at the past of the many generations since the Founding Fathers who had the opportunity to pass the torch of freedom to their children. Those in the generations following the founding had inherited the position of carrying forward one of the greatest visions of freedom in human governance that had ever manifested substantially upon the planet. It is important to note that a better measuring stick, one to use in viewing our nation’s history, is to continually make the effort to distinguish between the advancement of freedom or the advancement of control and manipulation (whether mental or material).

In applying that measuring stick to the Party of the Democrats, consider this: The Party was created by an individual who believed in slavery, and was a slave owner, and defended the institution of slavery as an elected official, forced human beings off their land at gunpoint and said that it was good for them while President of the United States, blatantly violated the U.S. Constitution and ignored the ruling from Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, and who “ruled” the United States rather than governing within the parameters of the separation of    the three branches of the federal plan. If one is serious, and looks with common sense at the contemporary Democratic (a greater misnomer there may never be) Party, what has actually changed? Only the names have changed, the current agenda is still to divide and control.

If the freedom (that many Americans take for granted) still matters to citizens, they could take one step forward to challenge historical amnesia, and go see Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film, and not let the “Party of the Lie” tell people how to believe. And to go one step further, they could read D’Souza’s book by the same title. It is a good beginning point. As David McCullough has stated: “You can’t be a full participant in our democracy if you don’t know our history.” The ideals of America still exist; the question is how contemporary Americans, the current generation, will embrace the original values and vision for the “Land of the Free.”