Ben Carson Should NOT Quit!

The 2016 presidential election year will definitely go down in history as the year of the political “outsider,” but perhaps it is shaping up to be more of an outright rebellion against GOP Elitists, who have pretended for around three decades to be “experts” who are the only ones privy to special “knowledge,” and only “they can pick a winner.” It would be more true to say that only the GOP Elites have the billions of dollars to buy a candidate, and back him in the political arena. Where does that leave the average Republican voter, or the Conservative base? The reality is that Donald Trump is an “outsider” who knows how the “insiders” operate, and the elitists are now concerned.

The traditional Republican voters would certainly prefer order and stability in the nominating process – not scandal or upheaval, which is what lies in the future, if a man like Donald Trump cannot be stopped. The irony is that Trump appeals to many Republicans and to many non- Republicans. So, Trump is dangerous to the status quo of the GOP. Yet, in a year of the outsider, another candidate is a serious problem for the GOP Elitists for other reasons. That contender is Ben Carson. Although he is not considered a real threat, if Carson were leading in the polls or winning primaries, he would become the target of the GOP. Why? Simply put, neither Carson nor Trump are able to be easily controlled by the Party.

In time of war, good soldiers are expected to obey; in times of tight political elections, Party operatives are expected to obey by doing what the Party demands. This is what is expected when you are indebted to the Party – no matter whether Democrat or Republican. This is why Donald Trump is so dangerous. Yet, this is also why Dr. Ben Carson is so dangerous. Trump is so wealthy he does not have to pander to a wealthy GOP Elite for millions of dollars to support his run for office. Trump can thumb his nose at the blue blood elites as he cannot be manipulated by their money. But it also means he can thumb his nose at anyone he wants. Carson is also dangerous because he will not accept donations from the Elite Establishment billionaires, nor money from the insidious lobbyists. There is little leverage for control.

If Carson will not accept donations from the Elites, then an obvious question would be (and one that is constantly being raised) how is Carson still in it? The answer is astounding. His money comes from directly from the small donations of “common” people, ordinary American citizens – or as he would explain, it comes from “We the People.” This source, despite Caron’s integrity to not be like Jeb Bush, or Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz, has been targeted again and again by unscrupulous politicians and political rivals who want to separate the people from Carson – in any way possible. Since the days of the Iowa caucuses, there have been several of Carson’s “friendly” detractors attempting to persuade him and his supporters to accept the fact that only the other candidates “can win.”

Make no mistake about it, the reason that his opponents and the GOP Elite want Ben Carson to drop out is because if he did, they would descend upon his supporters – for their money. The GOP came after one of Carson’s main support factions in 2014, again in 2015, and now in 2016. Also, his opponents want him gone, not because he is so arrogant or self-centered, as portrayed by deceivers, but it is because the political vultures even want the meagre amount of money his loyal supporters are offering to his candidacy. Where does the arrogance and selfishness rest in that equation? Of course, there are those who have succumbed to the allure and manipulation of other GOP contenders as they were enticed by those with a crystal ball that Carson “could not win.”

Dr. Ben Carson should not quit the race! Ben Carson deserves the right to be heard; he deserves the right to finish the race, and he deserves the support of brave souls who dare to believe they can take their country back from any elitists who continue to spew their “knowledge” that only they can pick a winner, or that some candidates are not fit to run since they cannot win. Sounds very much like old fashioned manipulation. Such a ridiculous perception is like saying “only our candidate can win because we said so.” And, as good as the “real” pollsters may seem to be, they make serious mistakes in their polling predictions. In 2016, pollsters were in error in Iowa, they were in error in New Hampshire, they were off in South Carolina, and in Nevada.

Ben Carson has a right to be heard, and should continue this race without people demanding he get out. Republicans, and all Americans, should consider a few other questions that may help put this into perspective. Do farmers in Missouri call it quits when they suffer a single grueling season of loss? Do Americans in the SEC like it when their favorite football team “phones in” the second half of the game after starting off a game by scoring few points in the first half? Are NCAA basketball fans in Kentucky supportive when one of their favorite players on a Final Four team “throws in the towel” before an intense game ends?

Would blacks in Alabama made much progress in the Civils Rights Movement if they had given up after they were told by Democrat tyrants that they could never win? Could Texans be proud of a surrender at the Alamo? Would America have come into existence had George Washington surrendered at Valley Forge?

Benjamin Carson is an American citizen who deserves the right to run (like any other candidate) for President of the United States of America. He stands upon the foundation of those who had suffered for the civil rights of all people whose rights had been denied for almost 200 years via laws in the U.S.A. Carson stands upon the foundation of the black Christian church, which was the heart and soul of the Civil Rights Movement.

Those brave souls did not give up because they seemed to have lost so much to those who kept telling them they would never win. Those brave souls finally stopped listening to those who told them they would never win, and acted upon their faith and genuine desire for freedom. Those brave souls began to believe, and their faith opened a way for them to win.

Ben Carson can win, if supporters would stop listening to the paid “professional” political “strategists” and the doctor’s opponents, and vote for the candidate who truly earns people’s respect and trust.

The Facebook page of the map of the U.S. that shows Carson winning the popularity battle between all presidential contenders speaks volumes of how popular Carson is: http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/facebook-primary/

For Dr. Ben Carson to win supporters who truly respect and trust him, would need to stop listening to those who tell them that he could never win, and act upon their faith and sincere desire to not allow the government of the people, by the people, and for the people to perish from this earth.