Is Ben Carson a Spoiler? Or, is the Good Doctor a Healer?

Just the other day Nevadans sent a message to the rest of the country – that their anger was extreme, they were mad as hell, and they were voting their rage by choosing the most “out-rage-ous” candidate: Donald Trump, who won a serious majority over the other four GOP candidates. Again, Ted Cruz came in third. And now that the GOP’s main man, Jeb Bush, is out of the running, Marco Rubio is the next runner to receive “favored status” as the Establishment GOP is consolidating their money upon him. At the same time, one learns that loyal John Kasich is being thrown under the bus. Sad.

The Establishment GOP also want to clear the field now, and Dr. Ben Carson is also being urged to drop out. “Experts” say he has no hope, and it almost seems that everyone is telling Carson to drop out. There are those in the GOP who refuse to recognize Ben Carson as one who could “win,” in November. Of course this must be because only the “true experts” can pick the “real” winners. Yep.

Yet, there are opponents accusing Dr. Carson of being selfish and egotistical and preventing Ted Cruz from defeating Donald Trump. Well, in case Cruz supporters haven’t been paying attention, it looks as if Cruz needs more than Carson’s vote count in Nevada or South Carolina or New Hampshire to defeat Donald Trump. It may have worked in Iowa, but not now.

Is Ben Carson truly the “spoiler” as some are portraying him, or does he have a right to run for public office? Actually, it is one of the most ridiculous things perpetrated by his opponents that Carson is a “spoiler” allowing Trump to win. It seems Trump knows how to win without any help from Dr. Carson, as shown in the Nevada voting. In reality, it is not that Dr. Carson is the spoiler. Dr. Carson was not the one who tolerated people on his staff lying about a reported premature withdrawal from an important initial caucus. Someone else in the GOP race is the true spoiler, and it was that candidate who spoiled the votes of novice hopeful supporters by manipulating perceptions, just as there are those who are now trying to manipulate perceptions by saying Carson is a spoiler.

It is quite interesting that Ted Cruz recently fired his communications director, Rick Tyler, for pushing out a video that made false claims against Sen. Rubio. The truth has a way of eventually coming out. Light dispels the shadows. The good doctor did no harm, as most good doctors are taught. And Americans realize that politicians (whether Conservative or not) do spread false claims. The Cruz-Rubio incident is quite telling, and there are some who see the firing of Tyler as a sacrificial offering to stop anyone from further questioning the integrity of the Texas senator. No similar action was taken by Cruz when Dr. Carson specifically asked him earnestly to discipline his staff, if Cruz knew nothing about the “mistakes” made by his staffers in Iowa. Yet Carson is considered the spoiler. Wrong logic!

The main reason that Carson supporters have wavered is that they are novices, and they are too new to the predatory process existing within the political arena, and are easy prey for those who know how to make “mistakes” and “false claims.”

“See to it that no one makes a prey of you by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the universe, and not according to Christ” (Col2.8)

Ben Carson is an absolute anomaly in this year of the race of the outsiders running for POTUS. He is a novice. Many did not give Carson (and still do not) any chance of receiving the GOP nomination. The second man to be drafted by a genuine effort of the American people (yet opponents disparage all of Carson’s supporters as members of a personality cult), Dr. Carson is running because thousands upon thousands of people do not see Trump as one who can heal this nation, nor do they accept the personality cult of the Cruz worshippers, and do not view Cruz or Trump as being able to unite the GOP, let alone America.

While it is quite true that Ben Carson has entered the political arena at his own peril, and knew full well (or at least conjured it in his imagination) what he would have to face in that arena, it is also true that he has not stooped to the level of the hard core politicos and their minions. He may not have personally desired to run this race; but, he responded to the call of hundreds of thousands of Americans who were sincerely impressed with his courage, his faith, and his service to the many children and families in America and across the world. Dr. Carson has attracted supporters from a wide spectrum of American voters, like Donald Trump’s attraction has drawn support from all levels of American society.

Yet, it is Dr. Ben Carson’s honesty and integrity that speaks for itself via his life testimony, which has drawn Americans to Carson. On the other hand, it is rage and a desire for revenge that has attracted Trump supporters to the real estate mogul.

Dr. Carson’s supporters come from the ranks of humble and common people, as well as educated people who are quite aware of the rapid decline in American values. Dr. Carson’s supporters are Christians, or retired or active military who appreciate his sincere commitment to Christian values and to the principles within the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. On the contrary, many Americans are drawn to support their candidate of choice because they were told he was “the only one who could win.”

While it is true that many American people want so badly to win that they would discard their own values, or forsake their own faith, in several recent interviews, Dr. Carson reaffirmed his own commitment. With regard to Hillary Clinton’s lies, and her claims that she has not lied, Ben Carson candidly told a talk show host he would “rather lose than lie.” When pressed by Neil Cavuto of FOX Business News, Ben Carson explained that he would not compromise his principles and his biblical values and asked a familiar question: What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his own soul?

“We the People” have taken up the cause, and as light is shed on the political process, what Americans begin to see is exactly what Dr. Carson has revealed: that our political structure is riddled with filth and evil men and women who will stop at nothing to maintain or to gain their personal or political power. They will lie – Carson will not; they will take bribes – Carson will not; they will cheat others out of their votes by manipulation and distortion of the truth – Carson will not; they will play on people’s fears and intimidate the voters – Carson will not; they will push and shove, and attack opponents without mercy – Carson will not. And, he may lose. But then, so will America because our beloved nation will have shown to the world that its people have lost their souls.