Let Voters in South Carolina Decide if Ben Carson's Campaign is Relevant!

Is it wise for millions of Carson supporters to heed to words of Leon Wolf, current editor of Red State, to advise Dr. Carson to drop out of the GOP race for POTUS, since the good doctor has been doing so terribly in South Carolina? Editor Wolf posted a Diary entry this past February 13th disparaging Carson’s poll numbers since the New Hampshire primary.

A more recent post here from Ben Howe, regarding the Conservative Review Convention on Thursday, quoted a Cruz supporter who made the comment that: “the crowd was made up of strong conservative activists and voters from across SC. It was energetic and polite. While I’d estimate that at least half the crowd had Cruz signs… Carson received a warm reception and multiple standing ovations.” Howe’s post explained the reason that Marco Rubio was unable to attend the event in Columbia that drew around 5,000 conservative activists and voters the other day.

If the Cruz supporter was reporting accurately, the millions of Carson supporters may be better served by listening to the good doctor as opposed to editor Wolf because his perception six days ago was that “Carson, for his part, thinks that South Carolina will have a great result for him, but the voters of South Carolina apparently disagree.” Apparently, Conservative voters in South Carolina may disagree with Leon Wolf. Maybe it is time Mr. Wolf admits his crystal ball is broken or his tea leaves have disintegrated.

The real kicker is that it is Wolf’s own words that may need to provide him with some perspective: “If this polling continues, it’s past time for Carson to see the writing on the wall and throw his support behind someone else…” Well, the polling data from February 13th has fluctuated a bit since Wolf’s previous predictions. A Reuters poll two days ago has it this way: Donald Trump 40.8% / Ted Cruz 16.9% / Ben Carson 11.5%    Maybe it is time that Leon Wolf saw the writing on the wall and admit that he is only wishing that Carson would need to throw his support behind someone else.

The real problem that wannabe “political strategists” have is that they are not always correct, and that can be downright maddening. The problem that real “political strategists” have is that they are not always correct, and that can cost candidates elections. For those wise ones that thought Trump had it “in the bag” in Iowa, they were in for a great surprise with the outcome – an outcome that is still a sore point for all three candidates mentioned above. For those who thought Cruz had it “in the bag” in New Hampshire, they were in for a big surprise with that outcome.

It is clear that Red State contains a giant nest of Cruz supporters, who have trouble with anyone other than their guy showing up as “the one.” It is overtly obvious that if an intelligent reader wades through the various postings of the majority of Diary writers, one comes away with the sense that is almost a staff of Cruz writers. Objectivity is thin. And, of course, when one posts an article on any other candidate a swarm of Cruz supporters descend upon the “outsiders.” It is amazing that any other supporters of other GOP candidates are even allowed to post, but for that I am grateful I am still able to post. Yet, I know that will come with a penalty.

An irony here is that what Mr. Wolf has recommended in his February 13th Diary entry, and what other Red State Cruz supporters are pushing for, is actually what Carson supporters in Iowa were advised at the exact time of the caucuses. The rationale of Cruz supporters seems to be that it would be such a better campaign if the voices of so many millions of genuine Ben Carson supporters should be muzzled; it would be such a better campaign if the impact of so many millions of genuine Ben Carson supporters could be muffled.

Truth will eventually come out about Iowa, as light dispels the shadows. The good doctor has done no harm, as most good doctors are taught. Carson has entered the political arena at his own peril, and knew full well (or at least conjured it in his imagination) what he would have to face in that arena. He may not have personally desired to run this race. But he responded to the call of millions of Americans who were sincerely impressed with his courage, his faith, and good works of service to his fellow Americans. His honesty and integrity speaks for itself via his life testimony.

To count Honest Ben out in South Carolina would be a mistake, and it is an expression of wishful thinking, not intelligent assessment. Whatever the wishful thinking, whatever the mistaken perceptions, to pretend one understands Ben Carson or his capabilities is only pretend, and only attempts at manipulation of outcome, not honest persuasion. So, the answer is NO – It is NOT wise for millions of Carson supporters to heed to the words of Leon Wolf. The millions of Carson supporters would be better served by listening to the good doctor as there would be more substantive content and greater wisdom.