Ben Carson dismissed by mainstream media as an Invisible Man!

Yesterday’s primary in New Hampshire reshuffled the candidate deck in both parties with no question of who the winners were: Trump and Sanders romped. But in retrospect, New Hampshire does not normally rubber stamp the vote in Iowa, and there were reversals. The big surprise was the rise of John Kasich and the tumbling of Ted Cruz.

Kasich may have much more appeal to the people of New Hampshire than to those in Iowa, but it seems clear the Cruz campaign essentially shot itself in the foot in Iowa with the shenanigans perpetrated against Ben Carson. The bad publicity surrounding the what is now being referred to in some quarters as “Cruzgate,” may have been a factor in Ted Cruz slipping to third in the tally of new Hampshire voters.

Additionally, Marco Rubio’s fifth place finish may be attributed directly to a poor debate on Saturday, and many sources indicate that he showed up as the biggest loser in the debate. But, Rubio at least had the limelight. The light, however, did not shine too well on the Florida senator. In reality, the light did not shine at all on Carly Fiorina, who was excluded from the more recent debates even though her poll numbers were higher than some of the men on the stage in New Hampshire, and despite the fact she won more votes in Iowa than John Kasich and Chris Christie.

It is ridiculous that at least Carly Fiorina received one delegate for all her hard work in Iowa, yet Christie did not receive any delegates in Iowa, and he still showed up – more as a “hitman” than anything. Unfortunately, Fiorina has now “disappeared” for all practical purposes from the public eye, and has been rendered invisible by the coalition of the GOP National Committee and ABC News – Establishment Republicans and mainstream media.

Not only did the powers that be render Fiorina physically invisible, ABC also rendered Dr. Ben Carson an “invisible man” on stage. The debate may have been set to seemingly include Ben Carson as an equal, but just “not so equal.” The effort of the ABC staff to include (but not in a significant or relevant way) Dr. Carson in the debate came off more as a token gesture, and did not take on a level of serious inquiry with the good doctor as demonstrated with the other candidates.It is blatantly obvious that the anemic amount of time allotted (8+ minutes) to Carson on the New Hampshire debate stage, and that in Des Moines, Iowa (6+ minutes) demonstrates that the mainstream media and the GOP National Committee are willing to push Dr. Carson to the “back of the bus.”

ABC may have their corporate reasons for priming moderators and providing their debate questions. Yet, a recent video clip reveals that when a Carson supporter directly asked the moderators at the New Hampshire debate, why Dr. Carson was not receiving more questions, even though he was fourth in the Iowa caucuses, the debate moderators ignored the woman as irrelevant; so, even Carson supporters are invisible.

One wonders why it had to be so overtly obvious in relegating Dr. Carson to an “invisible man” status? It reflects a serious lack of respect of a black professional who has seriously voiced and written his opinions on all of the major issues affecting America today. Additionally, the rotten deal dished to Carson and his supporters in Iowa, may have caused people in New Hampshire to reappraise Ted Cruz.

The truth is slowly emerging about “Cruzgate,” as testimonies race are surfacing of Iowa voters who were confused by the reckless (or deliberate) manner in which Cruz operatives went into each caucus site and spread an unverified report that Carson was dropping out of the race. While it is too late to change the outcome of Iowa voting, one should ask whether the ones responsible for the outrageous antics by the Cruz staff were disciplined in any way. Apparently not.

Such an action not only shows genuine disregard for Dr. Carson, the candidate, but it shows disrespect to the people, the hardworking volunteers on Carson’s campaign who were deceived and manipulated. It demonstrated serious disrespect to the memory of the young Texas man, Braden Joplin, who died on Iowa’s icy roads while working so hard to volunteer his time and energy for an honest candidate.

Much more than all of this, there is evidence of an underlying willingness on the part of a contending candidate’s staff to manipulate people’s right to vote their conscience. Outright lying and blatant disrespect can be easily dismissed as “politics as usual,” but to thwart one’s right to freely vote is a constitutional issue – one that was supposedly settled long ago during the pinnacle of the Civil Rights Movement. The bottom line is whether the Cruz campaign truly respected the rights of Carson’s supporters as they were to set to cast their ballots.

In defense of ABC, they did give Dr. Carson an opportunity to speak about “Cruzgate” at the beginning of the debate. But, the offer to have him speak seemed more to the point of sparking a “blood feud” within the GOP ranks, rather than a more comprehensive investigation into the wrong doing. Cruz easily dismissed his staff’s “mistakes,” and was willing to apologize publicly, but the damage had been done, and Carson has too much class to go gladiator on everyone, which takes greater strength than abusing one another.

Ben Carson may be the most dangerous candidate on the platform, if the Left-leaning media are so afraid of him. He may be the one other GOP candidates can target and “dump on” because he is a humble and rational man, yet he has the same resolve for justice that those fighting in the Civil Rights Movement had when they stood up to the oppressive system of southern segregation and absurd restrictions regarding the rights of blacks to simply vote as normal citizens.

In the great irony of it all, if Carson and Fiorina were not passionate about American values and the Conservative cause, and if they were Democrats, they would likely have blown away Bernie and Hillary in both Iowa and New Hampshire. But, Fiorina is just a woman, and Carson is just a Conservative Christian, and a sincerely religious black man. Like Ralph Ellison, Carson is being turned into an Invisible Man, and Carly Fiorina is preferably “seen and not heard.” Such individuals still do not seem to stand a chance in the GOP of the 21st century. What progress the Republican Party has made since the days of Lincoln.