Rumors of the death of Dr. Carson's campaign have been greatly overrated

Last week, several political publications turned their political pundits loose to post numerous articles about the shakeup within the Carson America PAC. Such “professionals” may be a bit premature in their wishes to bury the Ben Carson campaign. Unless of course, one listens to Ed Rollins, who wants everyone to know that he truly knows what he is talking about. He was recently quoted as expressing his professional opinion that the Carson “candidacy is finished.”

Everyone should all thank Ed for clarifying and making the final pronouncement. So, now all of those Carson fanatics can now go back home because Ed Rollins proclaimed Dr. Carson’s as dead. No doubt, he and his GOP buddies are calling the funeral home. Unfortunately, it seems that Ed’s words have not really sunk in with the Carson America campaign. They are still operating on many fronts, and despite the smoke and mirrors of the highly paid professional political pundits, there are millions of Americans who take Dr. Carson, and what he truly represents, in a very serious way.

While one can truly wonder about the real purpose of Rollin’s words, it states more about Rollins than it does about the Carson campaign. It is more than obvious that Rollins is no longer a legitimate political strategist, he has become an afterthought. While Rollins can be respected as the man who served as the National Campaign Director in 1984 for the Reagan-Bush campaign as Reagan won 49 of 50 Electoral College States, it is possibly more because of who Reagan was and less of who Rollins was. The operant word here is “was.”

Rollins, Like other “professional political strategists” should know quite well that in Reagan’s first campaign, Ronald Reagan had to fire his political campaign manager, Doug Sears, because the former Iowa sportscaster lost in the Iowa caucuses, and it appeared as if all was lost. According to Craig Shirley in his book Rendezvous with Destiny, Sears was not letting Reagan be Reagan, and had kept him out of Iowa at great cost to the campaign. Reagan did what he felt he needed to do to get his campaign back on track after Iowa.

The professional politicos know these things happen in campaigns where so much is at stake. So, why do people like Rollins make such pronouncements and make a big deal about such shake-ups when it should come as no surprise to them? Such a focus of attention has the potential to scare the supporters who are the backbone of a political campaign. It can have the effect of “shaking up” the people who support Dr. Carson. That may or may not happen. But it is the people as much as Carson who are in the campaign to promote him in his presidential pursuits.

With regard to Rollins, although he has worked as a “respected” GOP campaign consultant and advisor who has worked on several high-profile political campaigns in recent years, he is more likely a GOP “distraction” as opposed to someone who truly has his finger on reality. It is quite interesting that interesting that Newsmax, the same publisher using Rollins’s words in his recent pronouncement about the Carson campaign, promoted Rollins’s words in an article in February of 2015, which stated that “Gov. Walker is a very serious candidate and already dwarfs a lot of the Republican prospects… I could see him emerging as one of the three or four most serious challengers and possibly becoming the conservative alternative to Jeb Bush.”

It must be remembered that Rollins also served as the national campaign chairman for Mike Huckabee in 2007. Most people probably realize that Mr. Huckabee has not asked Rollins for a repeat performance for other campaigns. The Newsmax reporter who interviewed Mr. Rollins in February of last year, John Gizzi, reminded Rollins of an exchange he had with him in 2008, after John McCain had wrapped up the GOP nomination, when Rollins’ told Gizzi that Huckabee reminded him of a “young Reagan” and that he had a “great future” if he ran for president.

It must be remembered that Rollins is the one who helped sabotage Michelle Bachmann attempts at mounting a presidential bid as Rollins agreed to run her campaign in 2012, lulled her into a false sense of support, and then betrayed her trust as he pronounced her “out of money and out of ideas.” Many realize that Michelle Bachmann’s made a grave error in her bid for the GOP nomination and it had a lot to do with trusting Rollins to run her campaign.

 General efforts like the Rollins’ proclamation are clever attempts (like wishful thinking on steroids) are also aimed at ending Dr. Carson’s run for the GOP nomination. But, such attempts neglect (or more possibly are aimed at) those millions of common folks who support Carson. it is important to note that Dr. Carson did not have a highly paid professional campaign in 2014 – he had thousands upon thousands of volunteers raising their voices in support of his decision to run for POTUS. Such supporters can be vulnerable to lies, many people are. However, it really is a mistake, to think that the Carson run is mainly about high level staffers holding his campaign together.

Is it wise for millions of Carson supporters to pay attention to highly paid “professional political strategists” like Ed Rollins because they truly know what they are talking about? “Hired gunslingers” is possibly a more appropriate description of such “strategists.” Millions of Carson supporters may be better served by listening to the good doctor because he seems a lot smarter than highly paid “professional strategists” with bogus predictions. Carson is saying the things that need to be said to the American people, and they make a lot more sense.

It is refreshing that ordinary citizens are awakening to the outrageous idea that elections are also their responsibility, and not just the task of a professional political elites who “take care of everything” for the people, including their freedom of choice in candidates.