Dr. Ben Carson and his uphill political battle

To run for President of the United States of America, or not to run, that is the question… The world renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Benjamin Carson, recently created an official exploratory committee to help him consider whether it is a wise move to run for POTUS in 2016. However, even before he actually threw his hat into the proverbial ring, he has shaken up professional pundits and power brokers within the political arena with just the thought of his foray into territory normally forbidden to the uninitiated.

From the moment the mere thought sprung forth from a Wall Street Journal article in 2013, many have tried to discourage him, including some of his closest associates as well as quite intense enemies. Several individuals of significance have tried to steer him away from entering the political arena. Yet, now that Dr. Carson is getting much closer to a realistic decision to run, many more are surfacing to derail such intentions. The first to attack in the early days of 2014 were Liberals and Leftists in attempts to discredit his personal appraisals of how he viewed his country at this point in history. After the elections last year, Democrat operatives attacked due to some apparent success of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee.

The NDBC Committee (more popularly known as the RunBenRun organization) committed a half million dollars in order to defeat entrenched Democrat Senators in Louisiana and North Carolina. As [mc_name name=’Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’H001049′ ] and [mc_name name=’Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’L000550′ ] were defeated, it awakened the wheelers and dealers. At the time, attacks came quickly against the NDBC, but more specifically against Vernon Robinson, a retired Air Force captain and the National Campaign Director of RunBenRun. Later, such media attack pieces by associates of angry Democrats were revived   by Conservative writers/establishment GOP types who either had not bothered to do their homework, or chose to reiterate what they thought would destroy NDBC’s credibility.

Ironically, if Dr. Carson had zero chance of making a difference in the 2016 presidential campaign, one could wonder why such attempts were made to derail the growing momentum of support for Carson. In reality, what once seemed like an urgent half court longshot to the bucket is now becoming a genuine run for the whole enchilada because few serious-minded people go to the trouble to create an exploratory committee that is actively raising donations with little forethought of the possibilities of the actual quest. Springing from an incredibly powerful speech at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, it probably did not appear too realistic to Dr. Carson or his wife at that time that he would be in the position he is in 2015.

It is said that great things happen from small beginnings, and the effort of persuading Ben Carson to run for president is a serious example of such a concept. Most of what happened      in a two year span is that the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee arose from the faith of people who sincerely believed in Dr. Carson. Such an effort is truly a modern day equivalent of faith in action. Many people of faith, across a wide spectrum of faith, see Dr. Carson as a man of faith, a man who is unafraid of professing his faith in God – essentially a man of God. It is not a usual occurrence in the world today. Yet, Dr. Carson is now engaging with those who continue to be attracted to a popular campaign to urge him to run for POTUS.

Today, the secular world of the political arena is not accustomed to people of faith, yet many historical examples exist of patriots of faith or religious reformers who have paved the way for someone like Ben Carson to step forward and stir things up, and fan the flames of faith in others who feel free to join in a noble cause. The Bible is filled with the memories of such individuals. The early history of the United States is rife with such humble folks of faith who were filled with such sincere hope that they could pass on a better life to their posterity than what they had been able to receive from their ancestors. Those self-proclaimed political experts may discount Ben Carson as a legitimate contender, but people of faith see him differently.

Although revisionist historians have gone to great lengths to diminish or discount the faith of many of the Founding Fathers, there is too much history to simply pierce the lies of the secular academics and the atheistic Left. But, it is a fact that the secular atmosphere within the United States today tends to intimidate and terrify the people of faith and such faith-filled folks who seek political office within the secularized political arena today have been muffled or muzzled by the mainstream media – a firm demonstration of the freedoms of the press, but not freedom of the people. It is also a serious demonstration of the tyranny of politically correct thought. It is not by accident that Dr. Carson’s message resonates across this nation to folks of faith.

There is growing support for this humble doctor, this unique man of God – almost like a contagion as those who begin to learn of this man, begin to listen to his words, and not simply rely on those who attempt to define him from their limited dimensions of faith. The Carson contagion is itself formidable. If Dr. Carson chooses to run the distance, he knows he will have an uphill battle against the powers that be. However, Dr. Ben Carson represents the aspirations of the people – not the desires of the power brokers whether they be the media moguls or the good old boy network in Washington. The last powerful effort made by a God-centered man to change this country was made by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. – and he was not a politician either.