Ben Carson and belief in the Declaration of Independence

Dr. Ben Carson recently agitated political pundits and party elites when making a candid statement about homosexuality, which was similar to a statement President Obama made in January of this year. Yet, when Obama uttered the words, although there was some anticipation of retribution from the gay community, essentially little came forth. Yet, the blaring double standard and hypocrisy of the Left is outrageously loud when it comes to any regard for a conservative voice, even from a well-respected and intelligent conservative; even from a well-respected and intelligent black man who is conservative. So, essentially the same words were spoken by two men, yet entirely different reactions were manifested. Hypocrisy? – Big Time!

In addition, both a conservative like Glenn Beck comes out swinging against Carson’s statement (in a Glenn Beck sort of way) to belittle Dr. Carson, and then Joe Biden pops up with a political jab at the good doctor with his (or his Party’s puppet master’s) perceptions. Unusual; yet, if an intelligent person reflects on the basic common denominator, it is simple: it’s politics! Yes, it is understandable in that light, but the incident and the swirl of discussion in the wake of such a flurry of words can be understood to be much more than some political bantering.

The entire incident is quite revealing about the nature of America today. In reality, if an individual, whether attempting to simply do one’s job, run a business, or to mount a political campaign, in the process of expressing oneself, says anything that does not align with the opinions or ‘politically correct’ views of those who are accepted as opinion makers, those misaligned individuals will be maligned and character assassins attack. In the case of Dr. Carson, he is considering a run at POTUS, so it is certainly understandable that political opponents either on the right or the left may criticize any statement he would make. However, there is a growing and insidious intolerance in this country that is much more dangerous to Americans.

Intolerance in any form is dangerous to the very fabric of a civil society. Today, in America, such intolerance takes on many forms as the people of the country are on edge and the fabric of the culture is being shredded while people watch with frightened numbness. Amazingly enough, Dr. Carson referred to this state of the nation when he gave his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013, and stated that, “PC is dangerous because it puts a muzzle on people from discussing important issues while the fabric of this nation is being changed.” This changing undermines the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and bound together by the Bill of Rights.

When intelligent people look at the bigger picture regarding freedom of speech and freedom of the press, it becomes frightening when an average citizen is not able to speak freely for fear of public ridicule or media crucifixion. There are far too many incidents recently demonstrating examples of this, and of the national government failing to view the rights of all citizens as important. To the contrary, the rights of non-citizens seems to hold more importance than upholding the rights supposedly guaranteed by the ‘government of the people.’ The very rights that patriots fought for and died for in fighting for independence and freedom seem now of little importance to the unelected central planners in the Executive Branch.

The Declaration of Independence asserted that fundamental or unalienable rights of the people were given or provided by the Creator. This is the core of the fabric of America – it always has been for those who became one with that ideal. However, in the culture of the general society today, there are those who do not respect that fundamental premise, and there are even those who are intolerant of that fundamental premise. Thomas Jefferson, and subsequently the signers of that bold proclamation, asserted the self-evident truths that the essential rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, were endowed to people by God. This is the fundamental fabric that is being challenged today.

While Democrats invariably attempt to mount the moral high ground, it is undeniable that as recently as the 2012 election cycle, the Party seriously attempted to remove God from their party platform. They certainly have that right to remove the word “God” from their official Party beliefs or goals, but it most likely reflects the outward expression of the inner lack of belief in God, let alone any attitude of respect toward God, or toward believers. Besides, who in their right mind speaks about God in politics anymore? Or, perhaps that should read: “What politician in their politically correct mind publically speaks about God in this highly sophisticated age of the absolutism of science?”

There are two fundamental problems with a scenario that excludes God from intelligent discussion about America’s political future. First, if people do not honestly believe in God, how can they believe in unalienable rights? If they do not believe in God, rights are definitely not unalienable. Second, if the leaders of the government have no recognition of God in their hearts or minds, who is responsible for giving anyone their ‘rights’ in a such a government? Either the rights are given to human beings from the Creator or they are provided to the citizens by the government.

Sadly, this brings Americans full circle back to one of the primary causes of the War for Independence. Those paying attention realized that many governments constituted among men, often neglected ‘rights’ of the citizens because men made the laws. Today, those paying attention must recognize that a great number of Americans have little genuine faith, or a belief in a Supreme “Judge of the world” as observed by the Founders in the Declaration. Without such faith, what purpose does the Declaration of Independence serve? Perhaps it is time to connect the dots, and perhaps people should listen to Ben Carson instead of attempting to muzzle him.