Dr. Ben Carson: First Amendment Freedoms vs. Political Correctness

Dr. Ben Carson, the retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon and potential GOP candidate for a run at POTUS, has done it again. Last week he raised a minor political maelstrom with his comments regarding his views on homosexuality. He had not stirred up such a commotion across the nation since the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, when Carson spoke out strongly against the dangers of “political correctness.” At that time he said that, “PC is dangerous because it puts a muzzle on people from discussing important issues while the fabric of this nation is being changed.”

Now, over two years later, as if by way of practical demonstration in proving his point, Dr. Carson has stirred controversy to the point of having the personality extremes of Glenn Beck and Vice President Joe Biden both uttering their own disparaging remarks regarding his statement, which he has acknowledged was part of a pre-recorded statement that neglected the entire context of his interview. Both the Democrats and the Conservatives jumped all over this, as well as the professional political pundits and self-proclaimed prophets of doom.

It is hypocritical that Joe Biden has attacked Dr. Carson’s comments, because he and many others may have forgotten President Obama’s infamous pre-recorded interview in late January of this year with GloZell Green, when she appeared in a bathtub of milk and cereal (an illuminating example of how America’s social fabric is being changed). Nevertheless at the time, Obama made a similar statement that homosexuals make a “lifestyle choice” with their sexuality. Of course, when Obama says something like this it is perfectly tolerable, but the hypocrisy of the Democrats and the Left is absolutely astounding.

Yet when Ben Carson, concerned that the fabric of this nation is being changed, is the one who is one who is portrayed as the one out of step by Beck and company. Most fair-minded people who are paying attention have trouble with such a blatant double standard.

Joe Biden, of course, is much farther from a paragon of virtue – especially when it comes to his own church’s positions of many social issues. In his own book, “Promises to Keep,” he proclaims, “My idea of self, of family, of community, of the wider world comes straight from my religion. It’s not so much the Bible, the beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, the sacraments, or the prayers I learned. It’s the culture.” A person of good conscience could conclude that if Joe Biden is trying to mount the moral high ground, he is going to have a long hike.

Ironically, the Democrats and many of their leaders are well out of the scope of moral virtue as defined, not by culture, but by holy writings from genuine religious movements and traditional religions from the history of mankind. If one remembers, as recent as the 2012 presidential election, Democrats were making a serious attempt to remove God from their platform. Changes regarding replacing the words “God” and “Jerusalem” in their official party platform only came after Republicans (most likely conservatives) publicly criticized Democrats for removing the words, yet it appeared that a majority at the Democratic Convention disapproved of returning such “incendiary” words to their platform.

On the other side of the political spectrum, Glenn Beck’s viewers witnessed a parallel expression of antagonism towards Dr. Carson’s words. Within the political arena, there are those like Glenn Beck who took the recent opportunity to publicly write off Dr. Carson’s viable chances in the 2016 race for POTUS, but if one looks carefully at Beck’s previous pronouncements on the air regarding Dr. Carson, he had never really jumped on the bandwagon of support for the good doctor. From a broader perspective, it appears as if Glenn Beck saw an opportunity to further portray his personal opinion that Carson is not his favorite candidate.

Such attacks fundamentally prove that Dr. Carson is correct in his assessment of the dangers of the muzzling effect of political correctness. Being politically incorrect within the political arena as Dr. Carson has proven himself to be can definitely be hazardous to one’s career. Yet, the recent ensuing attacks against him for speaking his opinions, serve as the very examples of what he continually has warned against for two years. These dangers threaten the fundamental freedom of speech itself.

To trample upon one’s ability to express a desire for open dialogue on controversial issues is reminiscent of the gag order to suppress discussion of slavery in the halls of Congress several years before the outbreak of the Civil War. Intelligent leaders of the U.S. Congress were stifled in any sincere attempts to bring such a discussion concerning the evils of slavery out into the light of rational discussion. It seems apparent that this is the specific danger that concerns Dr. Carson.

It seems that today, the conceptualization of political correctness is for all practical purposes a gag order for intelligent people to have rational discussion on controversial issues. Before the Civil War it was the Democrats who were stifling public debate via legal decree. Then, when the abolitionists railed against slavery, many were silenced via threats, beatings, and lynch mobs. Today, using the club of PC, with an attack dog media subservient to the party line, Democrats find it far easier to control the mindset of the public and manipulate public perceptions of potential political candidates.

Again, at the heart of this reality are the Democrats – still effectively and insidiously muzzling rational discussion and debate regarding controversial topics. Sadly today, many leaders (not just Democrats) survey their present-day plantations of personal and political power, as well as the big business media elites, considering their corrupting power of public manipulation, sympathetic to big-government Democrats, and dependent upon them for their poisonous points of persuasion, can easily intimidate Americans in how to think about which candidates for political office to trust.

Someday, it may come as a surprise to professional pundits that millions of Americans find hope in Dr. Carson’s fight for freedom of speech!