Anniversary of Georgia Residency

When consulting the calendar yesterday, I realized that on August 11, I will have been a resident of the state of Georgia for ten years.  While for the first year or two, I thought of myself as a refugee from my home state (Florida), I now realize that on balance, it was a very good move.

There is one thing I have observed as a Georgian, and I’m sure it’s not unique to the Peach State, and that is the “Separation of Voter and Representative”.  Time and time again, conservative, Christian voters go to the polls and elect “conservative, patriotic Republicans” to office, only to have them fall in line behind the GOP elite.  They vote to crush pro-life issues, advance “immigration” (illegal, of course), and, at the state level, pour buckets of money into metro Atlanta at the expense of the rest of the state.

The question is: Why are these people returned to office election after election?  I refuse to believe that my fellow Georgians don’t understand the concept of free elections.  I cannot believe that they just haven’t noticed that their elected representatives are supporting everything they were elected to prevent.