Denying that ‘race’ is the focal point of this election will not alter the results. One can see it on the faces and in the attitudes of the Africans. Their swagger has become more dominant, especially when among other Africans. The air is thick with a subtle disdain for anyone not an African.

The Africans are in need of a ‘leader’. Jesse and Al have been cast to the side as so much of yesterday’s baggage. The Africans have finally learned that all they haave ever received from those two fools are leftover crumbs and scraps. They have concluded that so long as you lick their boots they will look your way from time to time. As long as you do not attempt to better yourself then you may march in their band,..in the back.

Now they have all doubled down on Barack. He’s one of us. He will take care of us. Folks, you have two strikes and haven’t even lifted the bat off your shoulder. Fact is that Barack is NOT one of you. Barack does not speak like you. Barack does not chum around with other Africans.

You as Africans are no more than a ‘means’ to an ‘end’ for his success. You see someone who happens to look like you, then you hear the tune and proceed to follow the sound of the flute. The piper is playing exactly what you think you want to hear. Make no mistake, this is no lucky guess on Barack’s part. Every detail is measured for validity.

Barack may not be one of you, but he DOES know his capabilities when pitted against the weakness of you, the general African poplulation. There is NO contest. HUMANS.. any other species would have been put to sleep by now.