Just when you thought it was time to give someone a hug, an African runs for President. Why would anyone try to convince us that this was going to unite the races?

It is so sad to actually observe how ignorant people can be. I realize that most people are rather shallow in nature, but to vote for an African with so many skeletons in his closet is unconscionable. It was a given that the Africans would go with Barack. Afterall, color trumps substance most every time. I voted against Barack for the very same reason the Africans voted for him.

Barack as President will polarize the country and return us back to the fifties. This time around they will have what they perceive as the power. They will burn down the towns. Of course, the towns would have been burned down even if Barack had lost the election.

It was bound to happen. McCain is a weak candidate. He pulled too many punches during the campaign. Nice guys do have a habit of finishing second in a Presidential race.

Me, a racist..? No more of a racist than MICHELLE, or JESSE, or BARACK, or AL, or DONNA BRAZIL, or ROLAND MARTIN. HUMANS.. any other species would have been put to sleep by now.