Whata We Do Now?

It apparently worked.  The establishment GOPers, without much pretense have pulled it off.  With the help of the media, they’ve all but nominated Romney.  Hard to believe that with  the upcoming primary states that Newt is going to pull it out.  By God, they went after him, and they got him.

So it’s Mitt.  Do we pray that he isn’t what he is?  Maybe he’ll experience a heavenly-inspired epiphany.  Or he’ll start actually believing the superficial mantra he throws out ever now and then…not very good lines written by a not particularly clever bunch of speechwriters.  Or, based on some theories, he’ll be under so much pressure by the conservatives he’ll have to actually have to morph into a conservative of some sort.

But, it doesn’t really matter.  Conservatives will vote for him in the general election; hopefully most will.  With tongues bleeding from incessant biting, we’ll trudge to the polls and hope that despite everything Romney has done and said that he, in fact, ain’t what he is.  That’s after the Obama machine and media eviscerate him on TV and in the debates.  Somebody please help me:  in the debates, Obama simply asks about Romneycare.  What the hell does he say?

If, by some ever-decreasing chance, Romney wins, what are we in store for?  I think I know, but pray I’m wrong:  a mealy mouthed caretaker until the roof falls in…for which he and conservatives, not Republicans, will be blamed.  Ain’t that an irony?  A democrat takeover of the House in 2014…and the Senate…who cares?  Doesn’t much matter which gaggle of sanctimonious, haughty ‘statesmen’ reside there.

Looks like we have a choice between Obama and a candidate that will insure democrat control for many years; likely forever as the country’s demographics change.

I’m 64 years old.  Until relatively recently it was a great time to be an American.  I am seeing things I never thought I would.  Really glad I’m not 30.

Divine intervention seems to be the only option.  Never thought I would have to pray for our country…kneeling and fervently asking for help to protect us from ourselves.