The Dump Job

Admittedly, I may not have the strategic perspective of many… probably too focused on the ‘now’ with the accompanying emotional reactions.  However, the last few days of seemingly coordinated attacks on Newt leave me frustrated and depressed on many levels.

Never, in my memory and I’m 64, can I ever recall this sort of intra-party venom heaped on a fellow member, particularly one running for president.  Seems to me there can only be two explanations.

First, Newt is the most awful human being and Republican politician since Satan himself (yes, Satan was and is a pretty powerful political force; but, Satan is not necessary a Republican.)  Newt is a bomb-thrower for sure; erratic, at best; a SOB, who isn’t a times; and, intellectually incoherent at the most inopportune times…no doubt.  But can anyone argue that his conservative accomplishments are second only to what Reagan managed in the 1980s?  Newt’s means may be criticized, but not even the most hopelessly uniformed nitwit can reasonably argue that he didn’t deliver results.

Now, the other option which gains more and more credibility with me by the hour:  The ruling class of the Republican party is, indeed, more concerned about retaining their power and control than the welfare of the country.  The timing of the ruling class Republicans’ vicious accusations reeks of a carefully orchestrated, coordinated effort to insure their guy (Romney) wins in Florida, and beyond.  A half dozen or more of these ‘leaders’ of the party simultaneously undergoing a fit of self righteousness defies the laws of probability.  Remarkably, within a span of 48 hours, they, all of a sudden, can’t control their decades old heartfelt concerns about the dishonest, dishonorable and disloyal Newt.  They actually believe I’m as stupid as the the democrats do.

I’m certainly not knowing of how this whole sordid mess will play out, but my instincts are yelling at full volume. They tell me Obama will be reelected.  Prior to the last few days I thought that a possibility, but attributable to an increasingly ignorant and selfish electorate.  Today, if it happens, I’m convinced our Grand Old Party’s elitists must take the responsibility for the end of our country as we (at my age) grew up knowing it.

Damn shame.