So Where Do The Cap And Trade Taxes Go ?

You probably were thinking all the money raised for the phony hoax of AGW were going to be used to save the planet? Well they aren’t saying so, but you may be able to figure out by observing what happened with the tobacco settlement money. You do remember all the promises about that settlement, don’t you? The money was to be used for prevention and education programs.

But then reality hits, and you realize in the 10 years since the landmark tobacco deal, the states have received $79.2 billion of the settlement and another $124.3 billion from tobacco taxes, but have spent only about 3 percent of it — $6.5 billion — on tobacco prevention and cessation programs, the groups said in a report.

Health groups lash U.S. states over tobacco effortsU.S. states have not lived up to their commitment to devote a major portion of their huge legal settlement with the tobacco industry a decade ago on anti-smoking efforts, health advocacy groups said on Tuesday.

Where did the tobacco settlement money go? Likely spent by the general fund on well, whatever the general fund is used on.

So tell me, with the brand new hoax of AGW and the taxes that get paid to allow government scientists to pretend to control the weather, where do you think those taxes will go? HaHaHa, I thought you could. Read the fine print, the main idea of all government is to take other people’s money and spend it on what government wants to spend it on.

Reject Obamaism in all it’s forms. If you need a complete description of what Obamaism is, in his book he says he is a collectivists. If you need to know what a collectivist is, consult the dictionary for what Communism is.