Obama's Plan To Disarm America

Obama exhibits very poor judgment when it comes to anything important. He seems like a vacuous waif who practices speech voice inflections but does not think — Puppet like in his actions. Apparently Obama wasn’t around for the latest successful anti-missile interceptor test. Now think for a minute, what would we do if a nuclear tipped missile from Iran or North Korea were headed to the continental US. Under Obama, apparently he would be ‘jive talking’ them into understanding the evil of their ways. Apparently Comrade nincompoop knows no boundary to his ass-hattery.

Here is a short summary of the last successful interceptor test:

The U.S. military says it has intercepted a ballistic missile near Hawaii in a test. The sea-based test was the military’s first since an errant satellite was shot down earlier this year.A target was fired from a decommissioned amphibious assault ship about 100 miles off the island of Kauai. It was a Scud-like missile with a range of a few hundred miles.The USS Lake Erie fired two interceptor missiles at the target. It was shot down in its final seconds of flight about 12 miles above the Pacific Ocean.The Lake Erie is a Navy cruiser based at Pearl Harbor. In February, the ship shot down a U.S. spy satellite in the Aegis defense program’s first real-world mission.